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Advanced therapeutic technology with advanced patient support from eNeura

graphic shows electrical storm in the brain

The sTMS mini by eNeura offers:

  • Clinically proven and safe migraine relief with single-pulse TMS technology
  • No serious side effects and no discomfort
  • Potential reduction of the need for migraine medications
  • Small size and portability to allow patient self-administration at home and on the go

Important studies

  • Transcranial magnetic stimulation and potential cortical and trigeminothalamic mechanisms in migraine.

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  • Single-pulse transcranial magnetic stimulation (sTMS) for the acute treatment of migraine: evaluation of outcome data for the UK post market pilot program.

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eNeura device
eNeura doesn’t just fill an order. The doctor and the patient are fully supported.
— Prescribing clinician

eNeura provides a full-service model with ongoing support for patients and physicians

From the time you prescribe the eNeura device, and for as long as treatment lasts, your patients will receive comprehensive personal support from a staff of experts. eNeura cuts through red tape and saves time for your patients and for you.

Clinical Education Specialists will call your patients to help with their initial administrations of treatment, encourage ongoing use of the sTMS mini Online Migraine Diary, and field phone calls throughout their course of treatment with the sTMS mini. They will also provide you with monthly reports on your patients’ treatment progress.

Customer Care can help patients manage any issues concerning device delivery, prescription renewals, traveling with the sTMS mini and other practical issues. This helps you keep your time with patients focused on their health.

Your patients’ gain is your gain, too.

My gain

It helps to know that the Clinical Education Specialists will call the patient right away so that they get off to a strong start.
— Prescribing clinician
Indication: The sTMS mini™ by eNeura is indicated for the acute and prophylactic treatment of migraine headache in adolescents (age 12 and older) and adults.