Getting Started with the sTMS mini

What do you stand to gain?

Whether you wish you could participate in more social activities with family and friends, be more focused and efficient at your job, spend more time enjoying your hobbies, or just feel like your days belong to you—not to your migraine or to medication side effects, eNeura may be able to help.

eNeura provides the unique combination of state-of-the-art therapeutic technology and knowledgeable personal support from our eNeura Migraine Care Team of Customer Care and Clinical Education Specialists.

We want to help you take your life back from migraine.

Easy treatment in minutes

Easy treatment in less than a minute

Talk to your doctor about the world’s only safe, clinically proven, non-drug migraine treatment with none of the side effects associated with medications.

eNeura device

eNeura has worked to make treatment with the innovative sTMS mini accessible and affordable for as many migraine patients as possible. 

Follow the simple steps below to get your treatment started right away and make it as successful as possible.

How to get the sTMS mini by eNeura

  1. Ask or tell your doctor about the sTMS mini by eNeura.
  2. If the sTMS mini is a good option for you, your doctor will submit a prescription request to eNeura.
  3. You will receive an enrollment/rental agreement for the sTMS mini by email. Fill it out and return it to eNeura Customer Care.
  4. When you receive your invoice, return it with payment. If you have questions, call Customer Care: 833-499-9300

Get started with your simple treatment—and personal support from eNeura

eNeura provides one-to-one support as you begin using the sTMS mini.

You’ll receive a phone call from one of our Clinical Education Specialists to answer questions you may have about your sTMS mini, and to walk you through your first treatment, step-by-step. You’ll find that it’s remarkably simple.

During your first 3-4 months of treatment, your Clinical Education Specialist will continue to support you with your treatment plan, answer your questions, and report your progress to your doctor.

Using the sTMS mini is as easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1: Power

Press the center button to turn on the sTMS mini.

When the green racetrack is fully illuminated, you’re ready to treat.

Step 2: Position

Hold the sTMS mini so it cradles the back of your skull.

Step 3: Pulse

Press one or both of the treatment buttons to deliver a safe therapeutic pulse.

Repeat steps as prescribed.

My gain

More clarity, less “fuzzy” days, fewer headache days per month.
— 54-year-old female

Keep track of your symptoms and treatment progress with the sTMS mini Online Migraine Diary

As with any medical treatment, the time it takes to feel results and the overall effectiveness of treatment with the sTMS mini varies from patient to patient.

Tracking your success will help you provide your doctor, your Clinical Education Specialist, and your insurer with the information they need to evaluate your progress, monitor symptoms, and ensure maximum effectiveness of treatment.

The sTMS mini Online Migraine Diary is free, easy to use, and takes only a minute or so to fill out each day. You’ll receive an access code for your diary shortly after the sTMS mini arrives.

screenshot of eNeura migraine journal

My gain

I experience 30% fewer headaches and my pain levels have decreased 40%.
— 25-year-old male

Renew your prescription before it expires

The sTMS mini will deliver treatments only when a SIM card with your prescription information is properly inserted and has not expired. When you first get your device, it will be ready to use; your initial SIM card will already have been inserted.

Contact eNeura Customer Care when it’s time to renew your prescription. A replacement SIM card will be sent by UPS, along with simple instructions on how to install it.

The eNeura staff are available toll-free to answer your questions about prescription renewal available discounts (833-499-9300; select Option 1 or email You can also find details in the Instructions for Use for your device.

Indication: The sTMS mini™ by eNeura is indicated for the acute and prophylactic treatment of migraine headache in adolescents (age 12 and older) and adults.