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Traveling with your SAVI Dual

Once you’ve experienced how valuable the SAVI Dual can be, you’ll want to take it along wherever you go.

Imagine going on vacation, confident that you’ll be able to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. Or arriving at a business meeting feeling clearheaded, focused, and ready to show your skills. Or trusting that you can be at your best when visiting family out of town.

To make sure you can charge your SAVI Dual no matter where you travel, call Customer Care at 833-499-9300 (select Option 1), if you want to confirm that you have the correct electrical AC adapter or converter for your international destination.
  • Whenever possible, pack your SAVI Dual in a carry-on rather than in checked luggage.
  • At security, remove your SAVI Dual from your carry-on and place it in a bin to go through the x-ray.
  • If you have it with you, place the SAVI Dual Patient Quick Guide booklet in the bin next to your SAVI Dual, so security agents will understand what it is. They may wipe it down, which is a standard security procedurethat will not harm your SAVI Dual.

From Europe and the Americas to the Middle East, Asia, and Australia, the SAVI Dual has traveled the globe, helping our patients explore the world with the easy confidence that they keep their migraine pain under control.

Bon voyage!