How does it Work?
Quieting the Migraine Storm

SAVI Dual is the only FDA cleared central neuromodulation therapy developed to treat acute attacks and prevent future migraine days. This patented dual migraine therapy directly targets and signals the brain to quiet the hyperactive nerves thought to be the source of migraine.

If you have ever had an MRI you are familiar with the science and safety behind SAVI Dual.  With a remarkable  leap of innovation, SAVI Dual now allows you to use this ingenious technology for migraine therapy at home.

SAVI Dual delivers single low frequency electromagnetic fields that pass painlessly through bone and tissue. These non-invasive pulses signal the brain to calm hyperactive nerves and return to a natural state. This is often referred to as Single Pulse Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (STMS).

The safety of non-invasive Single Pulse Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (STMS) and low frequency magnetic pulses (MRI) has been well established over decades of use in clinical practice. A SAVI Dual pulse is about half the strength used by a typical MRI with much shorter duration. A single SAVI Dual pulse is delivered in less than a second.

Why SAVI Dual Migraine Therapy?

Wish you could participate in more social activities, be more focused and efficient at work, or just feel like your days belong to you—not to your migraine?

SAVI Dual Migraine Therapy  is an FDA cleared, effective, non-drug option, with no debilitating  medication side effects.

Take your life back with the only smart dual therapy for migraine

Treat Migraine Attacks

Treat as early and often as needed to help stop pain and other migraine symptoms

Prevent Future Migraine Attacks

Treat daily to reduce the number of headache days


In a study of people using STMS (SAVI Dual) to treat their migraines, more people using SAVI Dual experienced pain freedom and freedom from bothersome migraine symptoms at 2 hours versus placebo. These benefits were sustained through 48 hours.


In a study of people who treated daily with STMS (SAVI Dual) 46% reported at least a 50% reduction of migraine days at 12 weeks.

Personalized treatment with SAVI Dual puts you in control

Your prescription includes plenty of pulses for both preventive treatment and for treating migraine attacks. SAVI Dual is so well-tolerated that you can treat as early and as often as needed. You are in control.

Each person experiences migraine differently. If you have frequent attacks, your healthcare provider will likely prescribe daily use of SAVI Dual to prevent attacks.

Using the SAVI Dual is as easy as 1, 2, 3 and takes less than a minute

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Power On

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Position Device

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Press treatment button

SAVI Smart Diary™ does the work for you

Using a headache diary is an important tool to help you and your healthcare provider monitor your migraine patterns and treatment progress. It can also assist in developing personalized treatment programs to improve your migraine and overall well-being. But for most, keeping up with a daily diary is a struggle.

That’s the beauty of the SAVI Smart Diary. It does the work for you. SAVI Dual automatically transmits your treatment history to your cloud-based diary.

It will also provide important information needed for potential insurance coverage.


Follow the simple steps below to get started right away

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Fax form to FAX: 1-877-264-1818, or submit Rx through your EHR system
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SAVI Dual ships directly to your door

We are here to help

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SAVI Dual Migraine Therapy is available by prescription from your healthcare provider

eNeura is committed to making SAVI Dual treatment accessible and affordable.

At a cost of $395 per month each prescription includes:
  • Unlimited acute and preventive treatments
  • Personalized clinical specialist support
  • Smart neuromodulation technology and automated diary

In addition, you will have direct access to eNeura Customer Care and Clinical Support to help you achieve your best results with SAVI Dual.

As a new technology, insurance plans are just starting to cover SAVI Dual. We are working hard to expand access. Most FSA and HSA accounts will cover SAVI Dual. You may need to check with your plan administrator for payment details.