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SAVI Dual Migraine Therapy is now a covered VA Benefit

Migraine therapy for veterans is now a benefit covered by the VA. Military veterans can face health challenges unique to their experiences, including migraine and headache disorders.  The Department of Veterans Affairs has reported that veterans are more likely to experience migraine and headaches than non-veterans. About 36% of U.S. Veterans who served a twelve-month deployment in Iraq were diagnosed with migraine or showed signs of migraine.

Like many Veterans, you may be looking for an effective, non-drug treatment option.  SAVI Dual directly targets and signals the brain to quiet the hyperactive nerves thought to be the source of migraine.



SAVI Dual Migraine Therapy is the only smart therapy clinically proven to stop migraine pain and stop attacks.

Treat Migraine Attacks

Treat as early and often as needed to help stop pain and other migraine symptoms

Prevent Future Attacks

Treat daily to reduce the number of headache days

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How to get SAVI Dual Migraine Therapy

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Ask your VA Provider if SAVI Dual is right for you
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The SAVI Dual will ship directly to your home

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