SAVI Dual Migraine Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions*

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A targeted, non-invasive Single Transcranial Magnetic Pulse (STMS) is sent to the outer layers of the brain to quiet the electrical impulses that initiate the migraine attack. The STMS pulses are believed to calm the hyperactive nerves associated with migraine and pain. When used daily, SAVI Dual can prevent this hyperactive process from starting.

It takes less than a minute to power on your SAVI Dual and to deliver one STMS pulse. You and your doctor can develop a personalized treatment plan that works just for you. A typical treatment plan will start with a few STMS pulses twice daily for prevention and a few pulses as needed for treatment of a migraine attack.

SAVI Dual is a non-invasive treatment. Some describe it as a mild tapping sensation on the back of the head, others say they do not feel anything. The pulse sensation is unique to each patient. If you have questions, please contact your doctor or consult your eNeura Clinical Specialist.

Headache specialists recommend using any new migraine therapy for at least 3 months. Some patients will see improvement with SAVI Dual right away, for others it will take a little time to see the benefits. For best results, it is important to use your SAVI Dual as prescribed by your doctor.

SAVI Dual is the only device approved to treat migraine directly at the source. The non-invasive STMS pulse directly targets the outer layers of the brain to quiet the hyperactivity associated with migraine. This process is referred to as central neuromodulation. Other available neuromodulation devices do not work directly at the source of migraine.

Using a headache diary is an important tool to help you and your doctor better track personalized migraine patterns and how your treatments work to improve your migraine and overall well-being. It will also provide important information needed for insurance coverage. The SAVI Smart Diary is easily accessed on your phone or computer. You simply answer few questions each day and SAVI Dual does the rest automatically. The SAVI Dual will wirelessly transmit your treatment history to your cloud-based diary. The eNeura support team will send you an email link to your diary when you receive your SAVI Dual and will help you get started.

Neurology clinics and hospitals have used this technology safely and effectively for decades. A small number of patients have reported mild momentary lightheadedness and tingling during a treatment. These symptoms typically resolve quickly.

eNeura is committed to making SAVI Dual accessible to patients. Monthly prescription fee will vary based on insurance coverage and includes unlimited acute treatments, daily preventive treatments, and cloud-based smart technology to track treatment history and progress. In addition, you will have direct access to eNeura Customer Care and Clinical Support to help you achieve your best results with SAVI Dual.

As a new technology, insurance plans are just starting to cover SAVI Dual. We are working hard to expand coverage.

Yes. You can pay for SAVI Dual with most FSA and HSA accounts. You may need to check with your plan administrator for payment details.

Yes, SAVI Dual Migraine Therapy is available by prescription. Your healthcare provider can prescribe SAVI Dual. Just download the prescription form on the eNeura website (GET SAVI Dual) and ask your doctor to FAX the competed form to (877-264-1818)

* Before using your SAVI Dual for the first time carefully review the Patient Quick Guide that came with your device. More detailed instructions for use can also be found on the eNeura website HERE.  You will also be contacted by an eNeura Clinical Specialist to help get you started.

Contact eNeura Customer Care by email or phone at least 2 business days before your next auto-renewal billing is scheduled.

  • Let us know the reason for cancellation
  • Request a return label
  • Customer Care will email you the return label within 1 business day of your request

Please note that the auto-renewed subscription may be canceled anytime AFTER the first three (3) months have been billed.   Billings are typically scheduled for processing 7 days before the current prescription expires.  A prescription billing will not be refunded if you contact us after the effective date of the billed prescription stated on the receipt.

Contact Customer Care: 1-833-499-9300, option 1 or customercare@eneura.com

There are no contraindications for use of SAVI Dual in patients who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult you healthcare professional to see if SAVI Dual is a good treatment option for you.

If you have an active prescription, you can perform your SAVI Dual treatment regimen while you travel outside of the US. Your device will not connect to the cellular network to upload treatment history or download a new prescription until you return to the US. Before you travel, check the expiration date of your prescription. If it will expire before your planned return to the US, make sure you renew your prescription before you leave.