SAVI Dual Migraine Therapy
Puts You in Control

  • Similar efficacy to prescription medications with superior tolerability
  • Personalized treatment can work quickly to stop migraine attacks
  • Prevents migraine attacks
  • SAVI Smart Diary™ automatically records migraine treatment

Take control of your migraine care with
SAVI Dual Migraine Therapy

Stop and prevent migraine pain

Personalized treatment puts you in control

Individualized patient support

FDA Cleared

SAVI Smart Diary

Ask your doctor for
SAVI Dual today!

SAVI Dual is a prescription therapy FDA Cleared for the acute and preventive treatment of migraine in adults and children (12 and older)

It’s Easy As 1-2-3

Treat in less than a minute.

Personalized treatment puts you in control…so well tolerated you can treat as early and often as needed.



Press the center button to turn on your device



Hold the SAVI Dual so it cradles to the back of your head.



Press the treatment button to deliver a safe and therapeutic pulse


SAVI Smart Diary™ automatically records treatment history – A Headache Diary that does the work for you.

How it Works-
Quieting the Migraine Storm

SAVI Dual is the only clinically effective central neuromodulation therapy developed to treat acute attacks and prevent future migraine days. This patented dual migraine therapy directly targets and signals the brain to quiet the hyperactive nerves thought to be the source of migraine.

If you have ever had an MRI you are familiar with the science and safety behind SAVI Dual.  With a remarkable  leap of innovation, SAVI Dual now allows you to use this ingenious technology for migraine therapy at home.

SAVI Dual delivers single low frequency electromagnetic fields that pass painlessly through bone and tissue. These non-invasive pulses signal the brain to calm hyperactive nerves and return to a natural state. This is often referred to as Single Pulse Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (STMS).

The safety of non-invasive Single Pulse Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (STMS) and low frequency magnetic pulses (MRI) has been well established over decades of use in clinical practice. A SAVI Dual pulse is about is half the strength used by a typical MRI with much shorter duration. A single SAVI Dual pulse is delivered in less than a second.

Dedicated SAVI Dual Support Team

Our Customer Care team and Clinical Specialists are here to help you:

  • Get Started
  • Achieve your best results
  • Monitor your progress
  • Refill your prescriptions

A minute a day and you’re on your way

What actual SAVI Dual patients are saying

“More clarity, less “fuzzy” days, fewer headache days per month.”

- 54-year-old female

“My use of [acute] medication has decreased from 3 or 4 times a week to once or sometimes twice weekly.”

- 70-year-old female

“I am just ecstatic about the results here. This is truly life-changing for me”

- 53-year-old female

“I have fewer headaches per week, the intensity stays reduced for longer periods of time, and I have reduced my rescue meds by half.”

- 59-year-old female

“I experience 30% fewer headaches and my pain levels have decreased 40%.”

- 25-year-old male

“I am able to accept and show up to social gatherings with friends.”

- 69-year-old female

“For the first time in years, I have headache-free days.”

- 48-year-old female

“I am able to return to school…I can focus on my work.”

- 21-year-old male
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